Video: Man Catches Woman Secretly Living In His Closet After Food Goes Missing

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Video: Man Catches Woman Secretly Living In His Closet After Food Goes Missing


Sharing a home can be tough.

Whether you're living with family, friends or strangers, setting boundaries is imperative if you don't all get along.

When I lived in my first apartment, one of the most challenging problems I had with my roommates were them stealing all my food.

In 2009, one man was in the same predicament as I, when he became dumbfounded after his groceries started to disappear.

Joe Cummings from Manhattan, New York had confronted his girlfriend on swiping his food, but after she denied it, he decided to set up a hidden camera in his kitchen to catch the thief.

While we'd all assume the next suspect would typically be a rodent, Cummings and his audience were in for a shock when he discovered who the real culprit was.  

"I have no idea how she got in there."

The CCTV footage showed a mysterious woman crawl out of one of Cummings' cupboards, onto a table before climbing down a stool.

The perpetrator then peed in the sink, and takes the liberty to help herself to his food and drinks.

She then decides to watch TV and grab more grub before returning to her hiding spot.

When Cummings saw the unbelievable footage, he said he called the police and had the woman promptly arrested. She had allegedly been living in his apartment for at least a couple of weeks.

He then decided to post the incident on YouTube.

"I have no idea how she got in there. The only way in is through the window as I am on the top floor and there is a fire escape," Joe wrote on the video's description.

"The police think she was probably coming in to rob me when I was gone and decided to stay in the crawl space," adding that she created her own little nook.

"Supposedly this isn't the first time the cops had come across something like this."

Take a look at the freaky video for yourself:

What would you do if you found this woman in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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