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Villagers Will Never Forget The Horrifying Moment They Found Their Friend Inside The Body Of A Giant Python

When Akbar Salbuiro went missing from his Indonesian town, his friends were concerned.

The 25-eyar-old man had set off days earlier to harvest palm oil, but when he didn't return, to the village on the island of west Sulawesi, Indonesia, friends and relatives began to search for him.

They looked everywhere for him, but no one was prepared for what they would find when they entered Akbar's own back garden.

There, sprawled out in his garden was a giant, reticulated python. Village secretary Salubiro Junaidi told Daily Mail that "people had heard cries from the palm grove the night before."

When they saw the fattened snake, villiagers feared the worst.

With an 18-inch knife, they cut open the python and found Akbar inside - dead.  He had been crushed by the strong constrictor and then swallowed whole.

The whole thing was captured on video. Sadly, local media reports that his wive was out of town and didn't find out until she saw the pictures and video emerged in the news.

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