Trailer Flippers Turned This Vintage Camper Into A Dream Home On Wheels

Flyte Camp

When we remember things from the past, we tend to see everything with rose colored glasses.

Was the wallpaper in your childhood home as nice as you remember, or would it look tacky today? It's hard to give an honest impression of how things used to be.

But when it comes to these fully restored vintage camper trailers, they're even better than they used to be.

Flyte Camp trailers
Only two Holiday House trailers still exist.Flyte Camp

Flyte Camp, Justin and Anna Scriber's trailer restoration business, turns beat up old campers into modern works of art that you can actually buy and use to travel the country.

Justin fell into the business by chance after buying and restoring a 1958 Shasta Airflyte trailer, and now his work has been featured in TV shows and magazines.

It's a tricky business, because restoring these vintage trailers is not as easy as it seems, and one wrong decision could cost the Scribners thousands of dollars.

Part of the appeal of Flyte Camp's renovated designs are period appropriate touches. You don't see many wood interiors in trailers these days, but they're just right for the vintage models.

The Flyte Camp project that received the most attention so far was their restoration of a Holiday House Geographic X, a model from the 1960s so rare that only two are known to exist.

The camper's streamlined exterior is in a "space-age" style that suited the swinging 60s, but the interior was always meant to resemble a luxurious holiday home.

Flyte Camp restored both the body and the interior of the trailer, and the finished product combines old school luxury with modern convenience.

There are built-in solar panels, but also wood-paneled cabinets, a vintage radio, and even a sidebar next to a cozy sofa.

The renovations took two full years, but if you ask us Flyte Camp's hard work paid off.

Flyte camp trailers
Flyte Camp has more vintage trailers up for sale on their website.Flyte Camp

The finished trailer was put up for sale on eBay last year with an intimidating $225,000 price tag. But if I could afford it, I'll admit I would snap up this gorgeous camper in a heartbeat.

Visit Flyte Camp's website to see more of their impressive trailer restorations (and maybe even buy one for yourself)!

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Did this trailer bring back memories of your childhood vacations?

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