Visitors At The Zoo Couldn't Stop Laughing At What This Giraffe Was Doing

Giraffes might be long on necks, but they also seem to be a little short on brains.

Visitors to the Brookfield Zoo managed to see Arnieta, the 10 year-old giraffe try to enjoy a delicious breakfast of leaves. The only problem was Arnieta was not outside.

She licks the wall with great gusto, and then chews as if she managed to actually scrape a meal off the wall (I really hope she didn't) then she goes right back to it.

I hope she's learned by now to just leaf it alone.

The Brookfield Zoo is in Chicago, a home Arnieta shares with 3 other giraffes. The zoo gets around 2 million visitors each year, no word yet on how many lucky ones got to see Arnieta's food fail.

While April the forever-pregnant giraffe gets all the press, take a bit of time to see Arnieta in action!

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