Walls Of Snow Are Closing In Around This Canadian Province

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Walls Of Snow Are Closing In Around This Canadian Province

It looks like something out of Game of Thrones, but this wall isn't the stuff of fantasy. For the residents of Newfoundland the wintery images they've gotten used to seeing are all too real.

Pounded by storm after storm, the Canadian province is started to feel the weight of all that snow.

Parked Car

After a very blizzardy winter, people in Newfoundland began posting pictures of the sights they've been seeing for months. Snowed in porches, buried stop signs and one video of a road crowded by 6 foot high snowbanks.

Driving Snow Banks

Winter came, and it conquered Newfoundland.

It hasn't been the only place hit by snowy weather. Across North America people are reporting colder temperatures and more snowfall than last year.

The people of Newfoundland are used to snowy winters, they experience anywhere from 130 - 170 inches of snow in a winter. They're already at 130 this year, with another blizzard on the way.

Snowy Weather

That means even more crazy pictures might be coming.

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