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Walmart Revealed The Most Popular Item In All 50 States, And Some Of Them Are Pretty Weird

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There's no prize for guessing the most popular items on last year: water bottles, paper towels and toilet paper always claim the top spots.

But when you dig into the data to find each state's favorite item, things just get weird. Walmart revealed which item each state is obsessed with, and it's raising a lot of questions about our neighbors.

See which item your state can't get enough of:

Alabama - Crayons

Recycle Nation

School supplies was a running theme on the list, and snagged the top spot in three states.

Alaska - RV and Marine Antifreeze

Team RV

So Alaskans love the great outdoors - go figure.

Arizona - L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls

Best Buy

We think Arizonans left their Christmas shopping a little late this year.

Arkansas - Chocolate


Chocolate is a big seller around Valentine's Day, but in Arkansas the sweet tooth rules year-round.

California - Protein Powder

Eat This, Not That

A must-have if you're going to hit Muscle Beach.

Colorado - Peanut M&Ms

Mental Floss

The country is obsessed with these sweet treats, but Colorado's hooked on the peanut variety.

Connecticut - Ghost in the Shell on DVD

Paramount Pictures

Well, this movie had to be a hit somewhere.

Delaware - Spiced Jelly Candy

Rayge Candy

One word: blech!

Florida - Sparkling Cider

Unoriginal Mom

You'd think Floridians would pick orange juice.

Georgia - Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Toys R Us

Seems everyone in the state is obsessed with this handy toddler seat.

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