Watch As Ryan Reynolds Makes Dying Fan's Wish Come True

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They say superheroes don't exist but I beg to differ because Ryan Reynolds just became a real life one after what he did for a very ill fan.

5-year-old Daniel Downing was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Pontine Glioma. Since it is at an advanced stage, there isn't much more doctors can do to shrink inoperable tumor.


Although devastated, his family has been by his side the entire time and have been doing their utmost to make sure the rest of little Daniel's days are as happy and as comfortable as possible.

To everyone's utter surprise word of Daniel's illness reached the ear of one of his favorite actors, Ryan Reynolds.

The 40-year-old actor was made aware that Daniel was a big Marvel fan and Deadpool was one of his favorite characters. Being a father and having experienced the feeling of having a life-long wish come true by playing Deadpool, Reynolds didn't hesitate to make Daniel's wish come true.


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