Watch: Cat Goes Absolutely Bonkers Over His New Scratching Post

We can all remember how happy we were on Christmas morning, when we would run down the stairs and totally freak out over all the presents and goodies left under the tree.

This cat goes through something similar when he gets a brand new, homemade scratching tree to climb on.

He rolls around in it, scratching every part he can reach and staring at the camera with huge eyes, as if he's thinking "is this really happening?!"

Luckily, Derek Zimmerman got the whole thing on tape, because we wouldn't believe this little kitten's expression unless we saw it ourselves.

Online, some people were so struck by this little fella's huge peepers that they asked Derek if he laced the toy with catnip. He swears this cat is just really excited about his new plaything.

Maybe there's something about Derek that brings out the weird side of his cats.

He also recorded his cat Charlie "talking" to himself while bird watching. This kitty sure has a lot to say, but I think he's just repeating "let me out, let me out" over and over again.

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