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Watch This Rhino Charge His Rescuers After They Set Him Free

A conservationist captured the moment when a rare one-horned rhinoceros charged his rescuers after they released it back into the wild.

The terrified rhino raced at forestry workers and their elephants in Nepal's Chitwan National Park. The forestry workers had to scramble up to safety in trees and a wooden platform.

Thankfully, no one is hurt and the frightened male rhino was able to escape off into the safety of the forest. It's not an easy job, but these rescuers know what they're getting themselves into.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Conservation efforts have increased their numbers, but there are still fewer than 4,000 one-horned rhinos in India and Nepal.

According to the Daily Mail, the same forestry team hopes to release four female rhinos to join the newly-released male. The goal is to encourage a new breeding group.

Rhinoceros Charges Conversationalists In Nepal's Shuklaphanta ...

Watch a rhino charge the people that set it free.

Posted by Seeker on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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