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Freaky Starfish Walks Onto The Beach And We Can't Stop Watching It


Starfish are one of those unique creatures that honestly don't look like they make any sense. They are all limbs and without a face so it's kind of weird to look at them and try to understand how they really work.

Have you ever seen one in the wild? They are completely outrageous. These little sea monsters are simultaneously creepy and cool, but it's honestly how they walk that has everyone on the internet completely captivated.

Most often, we see starfish who have already passed away. They just look like a little star and it's hard to tell which way is up and which way is down. How do they even get from one place to another?

Well, it turns out it is WAY creepier than you could have imagined. The legs that a star fish has aren't their actually legs. Underneath each of the little star points are actually covered with hundreds of little tube feet that work together to help propel the starfish forward.

There are around 1,500 species of starfish in the world, and they all look a little bit different. The one thing they all seem to have in common is that when they walk, it's certainly a little strange to see.

When they get washed up on shore, they need to make their way back to the water. So they can use the larger star-points to direct and then the little cones come out and propel them forward.

Seriously, these little guys can really move! It's a slow and steady pace that will let them get about 30 centimeters (a little over 11 inches) per minute, which translates to about 60 feet in an hour.

It's even creepier when they have even more legs...

Up close and personal you can really see these individual legs!

Hopefully people would know that they need to go back to the water and someone would help them out after they filmed the video.

Do you find it interesting or creepy to see these little sea creatures walking along?