10 Ways To Identify A Dangerous Blood Clot Before It's Too Late

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While it's easy to say that you hate blood clots, you shouldn't. If our blood didn't clot up, a small cut on our skin would kill us.

But when these clots form deeper in our bodies, it can be lethal. This is called deep vein thrombosis, which usually occurs in our legs.

These blood clots form when we remain immobile for long periods of time, have undergone a surgery, have lower leg trauma, or because of obesity.

The reason why it's so important to know the signs of a dangerous blood clot is because it can easily be misdiagnosed for something else.

Not too long ago, a story broke out about a man who was diagnosed with anxiety and low blood pressure and was sent home to return the next morning for another check up.

Unfortunately, he couldn't make it the next morning. He died on the way to back to the hospital that misdiagnosed him.

An inquest discovered that the 42-year-old man died because doctors failed to identify that his dizziness and shortness of breath was caused by a blood clot.

Fortuntely, blood clots can be easily treated, but only if you're diagnosed before it's too late.

Here are 10 ways to identify a blood clot. The last five are the ones you really need to take note of.

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