Bride's Homemade Cake Destroyed On Route To Her Wedding, But A Stranger Stepped In To Make It Right

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Bride's Homemade Cake Destroyed On Route To Her Wedding, But A Stranger Stepped In To Make It Right

When you are getting ready for your wedding day, you tend to plan every detail. You know who will be in charge of flowers, who is transporting the clothes, and what times everything needs to be everywhere. However, things don't always go as planned.

For Millie Maltby, she thought that her wedding would be less complicated because she was planning to do a lot of it herself. She loved baking and decided to make her own cake, but that was how everything went wrong.

Millie Maltby

Maltby did an amazing job on her three tiered cake. It had different flavors on each tier and was decorated beautifully. The problem was that the temperature inside the car was warmer than the couple expected, so on the drive to the wedding location the cake melted.

"We were quite cautious to drive carefully," Maltby said. "However, when we arrived and opened the cake box, it appeared that the hot weather caused the buttercream to melt and the cake just gave up."

Millie Maltby

"I was a very calm bride and it didn't seem to matter as I was marrying the man of my dreams and everything else seemed so insignificant," Maltby said, but she said that her future husband didn't take it as well. "Matt, on the other hand, was heartbroken. He felt awful, as I had taken so long to bake and decorate the cake and I had been taunting him about how yummy the cake was going to be."

Unsure of what they were going to do, it was actually a complete stranger who stepped in to save the day...

The hotel where the wedding was taking place said they had an idea. There was another wedding taking place in a different room, so the staff asked the woman who was delivering the cupcakes to the other reception if she could help. Clare Vaz, owner of Pattys Piece Of Cake, was happy to give it a try, but she knew she was going to be restricted in what she could do.

"With time against me, I just didn't have time to bake, cool and decorate a new middle tier, so thankfully I had a dummy cake which I used to create the new middle tier. I managed to near enough color-match the pink to the original cake too which was a bonus."

Millie Maltby

She knew that the bride had spent hours on the cake, estimating that the ombre ruffles on the bottom tier would have taken up to six hours. Vaz was able to clean up the parts that had been damaged and added the new middle tier.

"The top tier (a delicious smelling Lemon cake) thankfully I could save. So I stripped it back down, crumbcoated and recovered in white," she said.

She had never even met the bride and groom! The hotel staff had called her directly so she hadn't been given the opportunity to talk to them. She shared a nice note with them in her Facebook post, saying "Mrs Mille and Mr Matt.....whilst cake plans sadly didnt go in our favour I am pleased to have hopefully saved the day with a cake that is not as perfect as your original, but will help make memories of your special day."

Millie Maltby

The new version looked almost identical to the original! The couple was grateful and were happy to give a five-star review to the company. "To take the time to do that for a stranger is just astounding, and something you just don't see anymore," the bride wrote. "I don't think I'll ever be able to thank Clare enough. I'm just glad that the hotel gave their fee for having it fixed to Clare as she deserved every penny!"

Finally, after the wedding the two women were able to connect. Vaz said that "³[Millie] is truly the most sweetest lady I have ever virtually met. They both loved the finished cake but quite honestly, I didn't really do much at all. Millie did all the hard work "• my part was just minimal in the whole event."

So nice to know there are such good people out there!