Weekly Examinations, Physical Pat Downs, Has Kate Gosselin Lost It?


Weekly Examinations, Physical Pat Downs, Has Kate Gosselin Lost It?

Everyone who watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 remembers just how controlling Kate Gosselin was. Of course, a lot of it was warranted. Having 8 kids under the age of 5 is a little daunting for anyone.

Jon always took a lot of heat from Kate, and that didn't stop even after they went through their divorce.

Since the split, Kate has accused her ex-husband of 'kidnapping' their daughter Hannah by picking her up from school without her knowledge, and accusing him of being a drug dealer. Kate even went so far as to claim Jon had an 'inappropriate' relationship with Hannah.

Police reports indicating Kate Gosselin's accusations towards her ex-husband Jon Gosselin.InTouch

"Jon had no idea at the time that she accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with Hannah," says one insider. "He was upset when he found out."

A source close to Kate Gosselin has now revealed the strict rules Kate keeps when her kids visit their dad at his home.

"Kate says no clothing or belongings can be brought from her house to Jon's house, so the kids arrive for visitation [at Jon's] in their school uniforms and change into clothes Jon has for them when they get to his house," the insider explains. "Then they put their uniforms back on before head­ing to their mom's house."


Kate also prohibits her kids from having cellphones, which one source describes as a "Kim Jong-Un" type stance on communication devices.

"So after they visit with their dad, she lines the kids up and pats them down for cell phones," the source says. "She has these insane practices and rules to ensure she has total control of everything her kids do."

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Do you think Kate has gone overboard with all of her rules for her kids? Or is it just for their protection?

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