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15 Shark Tank Products That Made Us Ask "How Did They Come Up With This?"

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The judges on the investment reality show Shark Tank seem to have a sixth sense for pitches that turn into million-dollar ideas.

But for every Shark Tank success story, the show has seen a few more flops. These 15 truly outrageous products made the sharks do a double-take.

1. The Squirrel Boss

Squirrel Boss

The inventors behind this pest control product tried to build a better squirrel trap. A touch of the remote control sends an electric shock through your bird feeder, but it only managed to scare away the Sharks, who said it was too cruel.

2. Kook'n Kap


You had to be willing to sacrifice your sense of style if you put on this product, which was meant to keep cooking smells from sticking to your hair. Something about the deal must have smelled bad to the Sharks, because none of them made a bid.

3.  Under-Ease

Daily Edge

Another product designed to keep your life smelling fresh, the carbon filter in each pair of Under-Ease undies turned your farts into a breath of fresh air. But they didn't exactly look comfy, and maybe that's why the product got no bids.

4. The Wake'n Bacon

As if the idea of an alarm clock that cooks hot bacon next to your pillow wasn't already a turn-off for the Sharks, the inventor actually raised his asking price in the pitch room. Kevin O'Leary wasn't afraid to tell him exactly what he thought about the product:

"I'm going to put that in my Museum of Really Bad Ideas That Kill People.”

5. Cougar Energy

The pitch behind this product is that energy drinks are only marketed towards young men. Cougar Energy is the sugary drink for mature women who need a pick-me-up. The Sharks weren't attracted by the product, but against all odds you can still buy it.


6. Man Candle

The Gazette Review

With scents like beer, golf course and farts, it's a wonder the Sharks could even stand to be in the same room with this pitch. Barbara Corcoran couldn't even believe that the inventor was making a living from selling these candles, and Robert Herjavec looked stunned when he told the Sharks he had invested $40,000 in his business.

7. The Elephant Chat

Shark Tank Search

There's the beginning of a cute idea in this pitch: the stuffed elephant sits in your room until you need to have a heart-to-heart with your partner. Then, you pass him back and forth as you share your deepest feelings. Too bad this little critter costs $60, a price tag that investors just did not want to talk about.

8. Pet Paint

Gazette Review

The pitch said that Pet Paint is veterinarian tested for your dog's safety, and washes off easily. But good luck finding a picture of a dog enjoying their makeover. The Sharks and dogs felt the same way about this product: hard pass.

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