Westminster Dog Show's Controversial Decision Has Divided Its Fans

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Westminster Dog Show's Controversial Decision Has Divided Its Fans

After 141 years of tradition, some things are bound to change, but this might be taking it to a whole new level. The Westminster Dog Show is arguably the most famous dog show in the world, and this year they are changing things up in a BIG way: Cats.

That's right, felines. Cats will be at the dog show. What has the world come to! Too dramatic? Okay well here is what you need to know about the cat invasion of this dog-centric event.

First things first, the cats won't actually be competing in the dog show portion. They will be part of the "Meet the Breeds" component where the spectators can play with the dogs (and now cats) before the actual competition and learn about the breeds.

The VP of Public Relations Brandi Hunter explained that "'Meet the Breeds' isn't just dogs lined up and you play with them, there are booths that depict the country and origin of the animal and people decorate the booths, so cats are joining that, and many will be dressed up and have their booths.""

The announcement has caused a bit of a controversy among the fans, some more lighthearted than others.

Will you be heading to the Westminster Dog Show? It takes place between February 11th through 14th and would be a super different Valentine's Day date for sure!

What do you think, should cats be allowed in the Westminster Dog Show?

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