What Almost Happened To Ring of Fire Will Leave You Burning With Anger

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What Almost Happened To Ring of Fire Will Leave You Burning With Anger

"We go down, down, down and the flames get higher."

Chances are you read that exactly like it was sung by Johnny Cash. Ring of Fire is one of the most recognizable songs ever, but if one advertiser had their way you might be associating it with something less than pleasant.

In 2004 the Cash family had to block an advertising company from using Ring of Fire in a TV commercial for hemorrhoid cream. The idea had apparently been given the go-ahead by song co-writer Merle Kilgore, but the Cash children jumped in to stop it.

"The song is about the transformative power of love and that's what it has always meant to me and that's what it will always mean to the Cash children," said Rosanne Cash, daughter of Johnny and June Carter Cash. June was the other writer of the song, but she passed away in 2003.

June and Johnny

For his part Kilgore says that he thought the idea was funny, but never wanted to offend the Cash family. Rosanne Cash says he never approached them about his plans to license the use of the song.

Big Grin Productions, an advertising firm in Florida came up with the idea. Producer said Sula Miller said it came to her while she was suffering from the condition.

She was far from the first person to make the unfortunate association. While the Cash family were successful in blocking the legal use of the song, many spin-offs and parodies can be found on YouTube.

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