What Being a Younger Sibling Says About You


What Being a Younger Sibling Says About You

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Youngest siblings usually get painted as the troublemakers, mess-ups, and the irresponsible ones. But actually, we are creative, fun and out-going.

We are way more fun to be around. With our big personalities, and entertaining qualities, the last-born is the family's grand finale.

1. Our parents are less strict on us

Parents tend to be more strict with the eldest sibling and more relaxed with the youngest.

2. We're funnier

According to a study of 1,000 people by psychologist Richard Wiseman, younger children as compared to their older siblings have an easier time being humorous with others.  

3. We're more likely to be risk-takers

Instead of the "responsibility" and parentally-approved excelling of the older sibling, younger siblings try to find other ways to compete. We seek out alternative ways of deriving the maximum benefit out of the environment, and not directly competing for the same resources as the eldest.

4. Our older siblings mold us

Younger siblings look up to our older siblings. We tend to learn most about puberty, and other things in adolescence, from watching our siblings go through it first.

5. Our siblings learn from us too

Younger siblings tend to learn empathy from older siblings, according to a study from 1999, but we also teach each other through play.

6. We're great at making friends

While firstborns are more assertive, the youngest are usually more social and fun-loving, according to a study. Because they had to find their place among their siblings, babies of the family eventually learn how to control situations and manipulate people.

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