What Happens During A Canadian Traffic Jam Is Just Too Perfect

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What Happens During A Canadian Traffic Jam Is Just Too Perfect

This could only happen in Canada.

There are a lot of stereotypes that surround Canada. They are polite (perhaps to a fault), they say "aboot" instead of about, and they love their hockey. As much as people like to think stereotypes are huge exaggerations, what happened during a recent road closure kind of proves at least one of these perfectly.

On the Coquihalla Highway in British Columbia hundreds of vehicles were left stranded because the road was shut down due to heavy snowfall. Passengers were forced to sleep in their cars until the roads could be cleared the next day.

When morning came, many of the drivers decided that they were going a little stir crazy and needed to get up and do something. They obviously couldn't go too far because of the closed roads, but they were prepared with a very clever idea: Road hockey.

So many people were travelling with hockey sticks in their cars so they all started to form teams and play on the road while they waited for the road to clear.

Eventually the road cleared up and they were all sent on their way but at least they found a good way to pass the time!

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