What This Family Did For These Feral Cats Will Warm Your Heart

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What This Family Did For These Feral Cats Will Warm Your Heart

If you think it's cold while you are all bundled up in your sweaters, coats and boots, imagine how animals without a home feel? There are wild animals and stray pets who have nowhere to go freezing outside all winter, so one sweet family decided to do something to help.

A Montreal family realized that their solarium had been invaded by a mama cat and her tiny kittens on a particularly cold day a couple years ago. Instead of shooing them out, they welcomed them and brought supplies.

The cats were afraid of people and would run away if they tried to go out and see them, but the family left the door open so the cats would have an escape from the harsh winter wind.

They started leaving food out there for them and the cats looked so grateful to have a cozy place to sleep.

They made themselves comfortable on the furniture in the nice sunroom, and have slowly become more accustom to the people who bring them the treats.

The family has made it even more inviting by adding something extra special. Because the door has to be left open, it isn't necessarily warm in the sun room, just free from the wind. The family installed a heat lamp over the cat bed and now the cats can be toasty and warm in the safety of the sun room.

They may be feral cats, but they definitely have people looking out for them!

Would you open your doors up to feral cats?