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When 'All Hell Broke Loose' This Airline Employee Had The Magic Touch

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Flying these days can be extra stressful for passengers and flight crew. With recent reports of airlines double-booking seats, forcible removal of paying passengers and violence, it's no wonder that this young couple were seriously worried when their baby began to scream on a crowded plane.

Whitney Poyntz, her husband and their four-month-old daughter were seated on a WestJet flight from Palm Springs, California to Calgary, Canada when 'all hell broke loose.'

Whitney Poyntz

Baby Kennedi was asleep when the family boarded the flight, but 30 minutes later, the little girl awoke and let loose a loud wail.

Though her parents tried everything they could to settle her down, the little girl would just not be soothed.

Passengers glared at them, they were under pressure to calm their screaming child, who was most likely in pain from pressure changes in the cabin.

That's when flight attendant Ashley approached their seats...

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