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When His Grandmother Died, He Found This Beautiful Video On Her Phone

Sometimes it's the small, simple things our loved ones leave behind that mean the most to us. Our memories are worth more than all the money in the world, so Jordan Wallace was lucky to find this sweet record of his grandma after she passed away.

It's a short video, just over 40 second long, and it was taken by accident. But when you watch it, you'll understand why it means so much to Wallace.

His grandmother was just trying to take a picture with her friends when she started recording instead.

"I'm taking photos, they're taking when I don't want them!" she laughs, capturing her beautiful garden in this candid clip.


Wallace shared this video online, and it attracted a lot of attention from people saying how cute it was, and offering him their condolences.

"Thank you to everyone with their kind words and garden appreciation, My nan would be proud," Wallace posted underneath the video.

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