Park Rangers Rescue Adorable Baby Moose Stranded In The Middle Of A River

We like to think that nature preserves are places where animals live without interacting with humans, but there are actually lots of staff always on the lookout for the animals under their protection.

In Russia's Central Siberia Nature Reserve, two young forest workers went above and beyond the call of duty for a pair of stranded moose.

These fuzzy friends nearly drowned while crossing the huge river, but luckily park workers were watching over them.

She can't be seen on-screen, but one version of this video explains that the moose were trying to reunite with their mother.

After their bad experience in the river, they were obviously upset and shaking. The park workers didn't waste a moment, loading them into their boat and dropping them off on the other side.

It's incredible how gentle these wild animals are, they even let the heroes snuggle and hug them once they're safe!

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