When They Saw These Kittens In A Drain, They Knew They Had To Help

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When They Saw These Kittens In A Drain, They Knew They Had To Help

The Naples Cat Alliance has gotten a lot of calls to rescue cats and kittens, but none were quite like this one.

When they heard that a litter of young kittens were trapped down in a drain they quickly made there way to help rescue these tiny babies who hadn't even opened their eyes yet.

The rescuers quickly pulled out the kittens one by one, but the mama cat ran off. They noticed another large cat in the drain and realized it was the dad!

The male orange and white tabby was caught and brought in with the kittens. It took a few days of hard work to capture the mom and reunite her with her babies, but for now they made sure to feed them every two hours while they waited for her to come back.

They have even found a foster mom to help give them some cuddle time before the mom was caught!

"Bitsy [the dog] loves to help with the babies and the little ones love to snuggle with her. As soon as Bitsy hear the carrier door open she runs into the room, ready to care for her new charges," The rescue said of their adorable foster mom.

They have grown so much since their rescue, the were probably just a couple days old when they were rescued.

And now they are growing stronger every day.

Their mom was caught a few days later and was in desperate need of help as well. They Naples Cat Alliance will work hard to make sure all these cats will be the best treatment possible.