Which Building Is In Front Of The Other? No One Can Agree On An Answer


Which Building Is In Front Of The Other? No One Can Agree On An Answer

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Do you trust your eyes?

Most people would say yes, but time after time we've been tricked by optical illusions that go viral on the internet.

You may have seen this image of two buildings before, but it's making its rounds on the internet again, and we're just as confused as we were the last time we saw it.

So what's the verdict? Is the building on the left in front ,or is the one on the right in front of the other?

You'll find this photo crop up on many online forums, and users have debated back and forth on what the right answer is.

Some people are certain the building on the right is in front of the left:

"The brown one, because the light wouldn't hit it if the grey one was in front," wrote a Instagram user.

"The one on the right. If the one on the left was in front it would've blocked the sun," another added.

Others think the opposite:

"Definitely the left one," a Reddit user wrote. "If you look at the edges where both buildings meet, the right one is obstructed by the left."

"Obviously the one on the left, just look at the pattern, and direction of the sun."

"The left one has a satellite dish on the edge," someone pointed out.

And then there are people who have absolutely no clue, or think they're both beside each other:

"The one in front," wrote an Instagram user.

"They are side by side because the sun is directly hitting it making it look like it's first but the left is not the first building neither," another commented. "You can tell they are side by side because looking right directly in the middle it'll show you the edge of the build on the left while it shows half of the window on the right."

"Not sure if either building is in the front. They could be parallel to each other with a narrow street between them, and you just don't see the back edge of the building on the right..." wrote a Reddit user.

So What's The Right Answer?

After reading all these comments, I'm sure you changed your mind each time. I know I did!

If you zoom in, you'll actually notice that the building on the left is closer.

The highly perceptive person who noticed the satellite dish was right all along!

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