Which Gemstone Are You Most Drawn To? The Answer Reveals Everything About You


Which Gemstone Are You Most Drawn To? The Answer Reveals Everything About You


People make the joke about how some are attracted to shiny objects. It's human nature for something that's shiny and colorful to catch your eye. That's why gemstones have been popular for thousands of year.  

From wearing them on our fingers, in our hair and around our necks, gemstones are said to possess more than just material wealth.

Since gemstones come from deep within the earth, they're believed to have a strong connection to nature and the world around us- including the future.

Now take a look at the chart and pick your stone.  


Scroll down and find out what your gem says about your personality.

1. Pearl

If the pearl caught your eye, it means you're dignified, a spiritual person and full of pride. You have a humble heart, are wise, charitable and often pure. You're calm, kind and think before you speak. The pearl also indicated that you may be nearing a moment of transformation in your life.

Not technically a gemstone, the pearl is a valuable object that has been admired for thousands of years. Once a grain of sand, the pearl has become a radiant ball of beauty after a lot of pressure and time.


2. Ruby

If you were drawn to the ruby, you can be described as passionate, intense and bursting with life. You use emotions to influence the people around you.  You have a way of making waves wherever you go and even make people's blood boil on occasion.

Rubies have always graced the crowns of kings and swords of warriors. It was rumored to have the ability to make water boil and candles melt. The ruby is seen as powerful, fiery and filled with light- just like you.


3. Blue Topaz

If you eyes fell on the blue topaz it means you are calm and reflective soul who values the quiet moments in life. You attract people who are balanced and of a peaceful nature.

The exact opposite of the ruby, it is believed that blue topaz has cooling powers and has the ability to channel thoughts and energy.

Your soothing energy and strong communication skills are valuable- so be ready to help.


4. Peridot

If you chose the period, you're curious by nature and tend to radiate joy. You are vibrant, energetic and a guiding light to those closest to you.

Peridots are rare, found only in meteorites and in exotic mines. For centuries, kings and queens have worn periodots for their perceived cleansing and healing properties.

Your glowing energy attracts exciting new prospects in your life- go grab them!


5. Aquamarine

If the aquamarine caught your eye, it means you're spirited, and adventurous. You're youthful, brave and you glitter with passion.

The word aquamarine means "water of the sea". Sailors often wore it as a form of protection and it's believed to be a favored treasure of mermaids.  

Your draw to the ocean and compassion makes you want to do something new and fun.


I wasn't sure if I believed in this sort of thing, but when I read my results, I was floored.

It's amazing how an attraction to one simple jewel can say so much about your personality.

After I read mine, I started asking friends and family their preferences and they were also awestruck about their results.

What do you think of your answers? Were they accurate for you as well?

6. Tanzanite

If you're attracted to tanzanite, you are sensuous, sharp and passionate. People love to be near you because of your strong aura. Those who are drawn to tanzanite have good instincts, so in times of crisis, go with your gut.

Tanzanite is incredibly rare, and can only be found in one place on the planet. Because of this, the stone is believed to have special powers and a connection to the other side.


7. Diamond

If you stopped at diamond then you're strong, determined and proud. You have the ability to give strength to the people around you. Diamond itself means "unbreakable" and "untamed" - just like you. Diamonds are the hardest naturally-occurring substance on earth, so it's only natural that you're fearless and bold. Given that diamonds are transparent and reflective they also symbolize honest. You are a kind and sincere person and are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.


8. Citrine

Were you drawn to the bright color of citrine? That means you are bubbly, have a creative spirit a true zest for life. You are warm, exciting and always kind. It's said by carrying this stone, it can transform negative thoughts, into positive ones. Those who are attracted to this stone have an upbeat personality, values solutions and teamwork. You always come up with new ideas and perspectives.


9. Pink Tourmaline

If you're drawn to this highly-prized treasure, it means you are soft, sensitive and compassionate. You're sweet and sincere nature is refreshing to those around you. This doesn't mean you're a pushover though. This gem becomes electrically charged when it it warmed or rubbed. You tend to feel very strong and can't help to react when you are touched.


10. Amethyst

If amethyst catches your eye it means you're vibrant and brainy. You exude strength and honor in everything you do in your life. Nothing stands in the way from you getting what you want. Like amethyst, you radiate calm, control and restraint. Amethyst has long been seen as a source of balance, wisdom and sobriety. You make an excellent role model for young children.


Share your results with a friend and see which one they got!