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White Dog Gives Birth, Owner's Jaw Drops When She Sees the First Puppy

Finding out your pet is going to give birth, can be an exciting and stressful time. Providing a safe and nurturing place for the mom to get comfortable and bring her babies into the world as well as caring for them after they're born is a big responsibility.

Jacqueline Arguello is a 19-year-old from Pharr, Texas, who absolutely loves her dog Mocca. When her pup got pregnant, she couldn't be more excited for the mom-to-be.

Mocca and the father of her pups, a poodle, are both white, so naturally Jacqueline expected their puppies to come out looking like them: fluffy and white.

When the first puppy was born, Jacqueline was shocked to see it was black. After the rest of the babies were born black too, she was really scratching her head.

Jacqueline and her parents started to wonder if it was possible that Mocca had snuck out and someone bred with another dog, but their almost positive that the poodle is the father.

It is possible for 2 white-furred dogs to produce dark-furred pups, if they carry the dark-fur gene.

She later posted an update on the pups showing they they're looking more like their parents as time goes on.

I would happily take one of these cuties home! Do you have a strange pet story? Share it with us.