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Why We Get Angry, Why We Shouldn't And How To Stop It

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As far as emotions go anger is one of the more powerful ones. We can't help ourselves, sometimes we just get angry. People often say that you can't help how you feel, and that's true. Usually that is said when talking about another powerful emotion: love, but it's also true with anger. As with any emotion though it's important to control your actions, even if you can't control your emotions.

That's very true with anger.

Actions taken or words spoken while angry often have larger than intended consequences. We don't want to hurt the ones we love, but our bodies are telling us to lash out. The fact is that anger is an outdated emotion. When we were just beginning, anger was used as a biological response to get us ready to fight, defend, or conquer our obstacles. You know that surge of energy when something really ticks you off? That's your biology.

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The problem is that nowadays our enemies aren't sabretooth tigers and we don't need to lift up heavy rocks to make a home. Our obstacles are all in our minds, and anger only clouds our thinking.

Anger is the type of emotion that demands immediate response. Unlike love which lasts a long time, anger is quick to happen and can disappear just as quickly. That's why most of the time proven tips all center around waiting. That said, sometimes you just need to act on it, but not all ways are created equal.


"When angry count to four, if very angry, swear," said Mark Twain. He was known for his level-head so maybe you should take his advice.

The problem is that just waiting doesn't go far enough, and just swearing won't help anything aside from a stubbed toe.

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