Wife Changes Husband's Life After Surprising Him With A Special Pair Of Glasses


Wife Changes Husband's Life After Surprising Him With A Special Pair Of Glasses

With all five senses intact, most of us tend to take everyday experiences for granted.

For those who may not have a fully functioning sensory system, things that seem normal for everyone else are perceived very differently by them. They often have to rely on technology as an aid and it makes a world of a difference.

Joseph Romeo is a perfect example of the impact technology can have on people with conditions that don't necessarily have a cure.

Romeo, 31, has suffered from colorblindness since the age of seven. He sees everything around him in shades of gray. Since there isn't an actual treatment for this disorder, Romeo believed he would live the rest of his life sans color.

Well, he believed wrong. Romeo's wife, Brittany changed his world when she surprised him with a pair of glasses that would enable him to see in color.

Brittany had always wanted to purchase the EnChroma glasses for her husband but they were expensive with a $700 price point. So when they price dropped to about $400, she didn't think twice about grabbing a pair. Especially since Romeo's job at a designing firm requires the use of colors.

Romeo's emotional reaction to seeing colors for the first time in 24 years was recorded with Brittany's cell phone and the video has since gone viral. He could barely contain his excitement as he said, "I can see colors."

"I could not believe my eyes," Romeo, 31, told INSIDE EDITION. "I must have stared at the sky for at least 10 minutes, just looking at all the blue."

Watch the heartwarming clip below and see Romeo's world gets a lot more brighter as he points out all the colors around him in amazement.

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