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Wife Loses It Over Text After Husband Asks To Reschedule Their Family Pictures

When Rayena is hard at work as a trauma nurse, her husband, Bobby Wesson, takes care of their infant son. But, as most of us know babysitting can get a little boring so Bobby decided to have a little fun.

On April Fool's Day, Rayena was surprisingly having a slow night at the hospital so Bobby came up with a brilliant idea to prank her.

"Rayena doesn't always get the chance to sit down and eat when she's working, or sit down at all - but she did this night and I finally had the chance to pull the trigger on this prank." he wrote in a post on Facebook.

What started out as an innocent text message exchange about re-scheduling their upcoming family photography session turned into a hilarious conversation after Rayena found out that Bobby "cut" their son's hair.

If you thought Rayena would handle the news better than most people because of her experience as a trauma nurse, you were wrong. She panicked and expressed rage through indecipherable all-cap texts.

Bobby shared the epic prank captioned "Sometimes Rayena leaves me alone with the baby" on his Facebook page and it has quickly gone viral. Check out the funny conversation below and try not to laugh out loud.

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