Wife Loves Her Job Too Much, So Husband Fills Her Car With Cement

A husband in Russia took matters into his own hands after hitting a "rough patch" with his wife.

He and his wife had some martial troubles after she decided to change her last name to Veniy, trying to promote the supermarket where she works.

Instead of a classic fight, a nasty billboard, or a mean series of Tweets, the husband decided to target the one thing she loved more than anything else: her car.

The whole thing was caught on camera from an eyewitness and it's totally bizarre. The man literally ordered a cement truck to come and fill the ENTIRE car with cement all the way to the windows.

Daily Mail

Apparently the rough patch also involved the man's wife admitting she was unfaithful to him. Regardless, it's a pretty extreme revenge tactic.

One person pointed out that while funny, this whole thing is pretty illegal.

"The lorry driver could be prosecuted, just like this guy, as technically he was the one who poured the cement. Why would he agree to do that?"

Take a look at the video. Do you think he went too far?