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Wife Plays Prank On Her Husband Before Passing Away And He Didn't Realize For Years

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Before Phedre Fitton died of ovarian cancer, she gave her husband one final instruction, which was to remember to water her plant in the bathroom.

After four years, Nigel Fitton was surprised and proud that we was able to keep her plant alive for so long. That's when he realized his wife managed to prank him one last time.

When Nigel was moving out of his home and into a retirement home, he and his daughter discovered that the plant he was faithfully watering every day for four years was in fact, fake.

Before Phedre died, she had replaced her plant in the bathroom with a fake one without her husband noticing, playing one final prank on her husband.

The couple's daughter tweeted about the story, saying that she could almost hear her mother chuckling with them when they discovered it.

“She was very funny. Had a cheeky sense of humour for sure,” she wrote in one comment. “It's really made us all happy as a family to remember her like this.”

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