Wine In A Pouch Exists And I'm Ordering Some Today

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Wine In A Pouch Exists And I'm Ordering Some Today

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High Key Wine Co. is a family run business with roots running deep in the grape growing industry. They have 3 generations of grape farmers! That makes me feel confident that even though it might come in a pouch like Capri Sun, it's likely high quality drinking.

High Key Wine Co. have Dry Rosé for those dry wine sippers, Semi-Sweet Rosé that’s not too sweet for your dry wine loving friends but not too dry that your sweet tooth wine drinkers can’t have some, and Sweet White for the sweetest of drinkers.

Enjoy wine in a lightweight format without the excess baggage.  No corkscrew necessary. In fact, With its discreet, single-serve size High Key can make it’s way everywhere you go.  Perfect for the cooler, backpack or purse.

Glass restrictions? I know we don't like glass by the pool. You can now enjoy wine with your friends at all of the places that wish you could have.  Poolside, under your beach umbrella  and on the boat are now all fair game.

If you are interested in trying some feel free to use the free shipping code below - good until June 30, 2019.

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