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Wobbly Sisters Get New Wheels, Now Nothing Can Stop Them!

When three baby kittens were taken off the streets and brought to the kitten nursery at Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, the volunteers didn't know right away that they were going to be special girls.

When they didn't outgrow their floppiness, Nursery Manager, Casey Elise Christopher, knew something wasn't quite right.

Casey Elise Christopher

Named for childhood superheroes: The Powerpuff Girls, little Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were whisked away from a kill-shelter at about one week old.

Casey Elise Christopher

The kittens were exposed to Panleukopenia while they were in their mother's uterus. Because of the exposure to this virus (also called cat plague), the sisters were born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

This condition means they won't be able to walk, and they'll have difficulty controlling their motor functions.

"One of the volunteers made little wheelchairs for them to gain strength and they can stand and practice walking in them, which is amazing," Casey Elise Christopher told Love Meow.

Their awesome new wheels have been the perfect physical therapy tool for the girls! Now they can hold their own bodies up and even walk a little!

On their Facebook page, Kitten rescue says that these sweet girls are "courageous and strong, they don't know any different and are so happy and loving. "

When the girls are strong enough, they'll be ready to find forever homes with adoptive families who can care for their special needs.

Visit Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles online or on Facebook to learn more!

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