Woman Stuck With An Awful Henna Tattoo Because She Didn't Do Her Research

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Woman Stuck With An Awful Henna Tattoo Because She Didn't Do Her Research


For many, tattoos are an intimate part of their identity, representing a significant moment or person in their lives. For others, it's a funny and oftentimes regrettable action that they will then have to live with.

If you ever wanted to experience the sensation of body art, but didn't want to commit to something that would last your entire life, then perhaps you have heard of henna.

Henna is a form of body art based on Eastern cultures. The temporary dye is painted onto the body to express beauty and also has roots in marital traditions.

It has been widely practiced in North America, but there have been many documented cases where people have experienced terrible side effects because of tainted materials or otherwise been misled about the process.

This was the case for Ashley Burke, who thought it would be a good idea to get a "temporary" henna tattoo while vacationing in Mexico this month.

She's now stuck with an irreversible body modification, and it would be really terrible if it also wasn't so funny!

There are different forms of henna tattoo ink, the most common being the brown/orange dye that is applied to make truly beautiful designs for women about to be married and their bridesmaids.

However, black henna ink is a dangerous chemical, and even the FDA has warned the public about its medical side effects that include "dangerous skin reactions in some people."

Burke did not know this before going through with the procedure, where she wanted to get a hilarious quote tattooed across her chest as a joke with her family members. Little did she know that she would be the ultimate punchline.

The words "No Ragrets" which are intentionally misspelled, reference the comedy movie "We're the Miller's" who had a lead character do the same.

Only, Burke soon found out after that the henna ink wasn't fading away like it should have.

It has been several weeks since her initial appointment, and she has now had to accept the fact that she will be living with this "funny" artwork until she can have it removed through a medical procedure.

She warns others of making the same mistake. "Henna is not black. Never has been black, never will be black," she said. "Just protect your family and research everything."

Would ever risk something like this for a joke? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!