Woman Credits Her 'Miracle' Son For Saving Her From Rare Cancer

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Woman Credits Her 'Miracle' Son For Saving Her From Rare Cancer

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When a woman finds out she's expecting, she'll eventually see a massive change in their body throughout the three trimesters of their pregnancy.

Preparing for a newborn comes with a lot of care to make sure their future child will be in optimal health when it exits the womb. This includes going to see your doctor for regular checkups to monitor the growth of your baby.

However, one mother-to-be got more than she bargained for when she went for her checkup.

When Elishia Donnellan was 19, she became pregnant with her son Caelan, who she's dubbed her "miracle" baby. It was during that time the medical staff found a cyst on her pelvis.

Following giving birth to her son, she went back to the clinic for her hip pain, and since Donnellan's doctors had previously found the cyst during her pregnancy, they knew where to look.

However, once doctors saw her test results, they realized she was suffering from a rare bone and tissue cancer, Ewing sarcoma.

"I could go down the road of saying my cancer could have been spotted much earlier, but I have to be grateful that once we realized something was seriously wrong they were already aware of the cyst," the now-21-year-old said.

Unfortunately, by the time medical professionals at the The Christie Hospital in Manchester had spotted her cancer, it had already spread to her her lungs and collar bone.

Since removing the cancerous tumor would have involved taking out her womb, bladder and bowel, the doctors decided to start her on an intensive chemotherapy treatment.

"I wrongly thought my results must have been fine because they never got back in touch with me, but it turned out they had lost my results," Donnellan explained. "When I started to become really [sick] I was referred to Christie's and was quickly diagnosed because they knew it was the cyst."

"If that had not have already been spotted I'm sure I would have been going backwards and forwards to hospital being told it was this and that," she continued. "My little boy is amazing in my eyes. He saved my life."

Although Donnellan said she was originally upset for having a baby at such a young age, she's thankful for her now 18-month-old son.

"Having cancer kills off your eggs and I have not had any removed to preserve so Caelan might be my only child," she said. "He is absolutely adorable and I owe my life to him. I am so grateful for him. He is a brilliant little boy. I love him to bits. He is my life."

Although Donnellan is still battling cancer, she's making the best of her situation and is documenting her journey through her Instagram account, which also features her beauty regime.

They laugh at me on the ward because they never recognize me when I go back for my chemo sessions, I wear a different wig every time," Donnellan said. "I never knew wigs were so brilliant. I was gutted to lose my hair, my lashes and my eyebrows, but I now fake it."

"I wear my wigs, draw on my eyebrows and wear false lashes," the mother continued. "I even do it for the other girls on the ward. It makes us feel a million times better. If I am well enough I will wear my makeup and if I am wearing my makeup then I will feel better."

But Donnellan said she's not only maintaining an optimistic outlook for herself, but for her toddler as well.

"I do my best to get out every day and be well for my son. I am determined to fight this cancer."

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