Student Choir Gives Fallen Soldier's Remains A Beautiful Send-Off

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Student Choir Gives Fallen Soldier's Remains A Beautiful Send-Off

Diane Cupp seriously needed something to boost her mood after her trip to Europe. She had toured World War 2 cemeteries and concentration camps, and now she was flying home to America on a different flight than her husband, because he needed emergency surgery on the trip.

It just so happened that a soldier on her flight was transporting the remains of a World War 2 soldier back to America. The pilot announced this to everyone because he would have to leave the plane first, and when he did some students prepared a touching surprise for him.

Been trying to upload this for a couple of days. On our flight from Germany there was a Army private in uniform that so happen to be escorting the remains of a WW11 Soldier back home to Houston . The pilot announced he would be exiting the plane first, as he got up to leave there were a group of young people who had been on tour in Europe all of a sudden they broke out singing Glory Hallelujah. Listen how beautiful !! Will bring a tear to your eye.

Posted by Diane Hollifield Cupp on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The students, who were part of a choir called the Iowa Ambassodors of Music, had been touring Europe holding performances. The way they broke out into "Glory Glory Hallelujah" impressed Diane so much she had to get it on film.

"I was on that flight for a reason," she said later, and it's hard to disagree. She saw something that lifted her spirits, and she was in the right place to capture it for everyone else!

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