Woman Finds A "Broken" Cat And Does What No One Else Would

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Woman Finds A "Broken" Cat And Does What No One Else Would

When this woman came across a cat unlike any she had ever seen before she knew she needed to help. She found this adult cat with an unusual condition that caused his front legs to bend upwards and knew she had to step in.

He had been ignored for so long but her loving nature let her give him the second chance he needed.

She adopted the little guy and knew he needed medical help. He had been walking around on his elbows for so long that he had rubbed the fur right off. With the help of the vet she was able to create his own little braces to support his front legs so that he could live a bit more comfortably in his new loving life.

Save the kitty

Heart touching story 😢😢😢 Be strong kitty 👏👏👏 !!! There're good people everywhere 😌😌😌

Posted by Global cat network on Monday, February 20, 2017

Such a kind thing for this woman to do!

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