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Woman Thanks The Firefighters Who Saved Her Life After 150 Foot Fall

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CBS Denver

It would normally be a death sentence for anyone unlucky enough to find themselves in her position. When Taylor Theirault found herself at a party in December of 2016, she had no reason to believe that her night would be anything but fun.

The 26-year-old woman was celebrating at a friend's apartment building, when she fell out of an open window. The apartment was a towering 15 floors straight up, and Theirault didn't even have time to consider that this was the end.

Luckily for her, something broke her fall. A snow-covered air-conditioning unit sticking out of the third floor was jutting out far enough for her to land on. Despite falling 12 stories onto the hard, metal machine, Theirault was still alive, and holding on.

When fire crews arrived, they were in shock that she was still on the AC unit. They didn't hesitate and carefully pulled her limp body safely to the ground.

They rushed her to the hospital where her real fight began.

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