Woman 'Gives Birth' On Facebook To Prove A Hilarious Point

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Woman 'Gives Birth' On Facebook To Prove A Hilarious Point

Everyone has been watching the live feed of April the giraffe for weeks now, but one pregnant woman has decided to up the anti in a hilarious way.

Erin Dietrich, a mom from South Carolina, has made her own own version of the giraffe's live feed and it already has over 25 million views.

When Erin realized the crazy hit on her hands she couldn't believe it. "My husband and I were shocked!"

"It was my husband's idea to order a mask off Amazon and my idea to do a live feed last night to look like April's," Erin said of their silly event.

They went live at 8:45 pm with her husband behind the camera while she wandered around aimlessly. The feed lasted about 7 and a half minutes, with people sharing comments about how funny they found it and also trying to see if she was actually in labor.

You have got to see what all the fuss is about! It really is the funniest thing that you could have never predicted.

Hopefully poor April gives birth soon so people will stop making fun of her!