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Woman Loses 40 Pounds To Donate A Kidney To Her Friend

When Rebekah Ceidro was scrolling through her Facebook feed one day she saw some awful news. Her friend and former co-worker Chris Moore needed an organ transplant. Chris had been living with kidney disease his entire life, but things took a turn for the worse last year. Chris needed a new kidney, or else he would be put on dialysis.

Right away, Rebekah generously offered to donate her kidney to Chris. Tests showed they were a match, but doctors refused to let her go through with the donation.

It turned out that at 5'7" and 213 pounds, Rebekah was too heavy to donate an organ. She would need to lose 15 pounds before doctors would approve the procedure.

This was no easy feat for Rebekah, who manages a restaurant and says she likes to "drop something in the fryer" when she's feeling hungry at work.

Her 3-year-old son Noak also keeps her busy, but Rebekah was determined not to let anything stand in her way,

She started jogging daily, downloaded a few fitness apps and signed up for a 5k race. Today, Rebekah is 40 pounds lighter and adding more exercise to her routine.

She's already finished a few half marathons, which she says changed her outlook on life completely.

"It was a feeling like there wasn't anything in the world I couldn't accomplish because I just accomplished this," she said.

Doctors say Rebekah should be able to donate her kidney to Chris in a few months, and Rebekah is already planning to run in the Pittsburgh marathon after she recovers.

As for Chris, he's received more than just the gift of life from his friend, he also draws strength from her determination.

“I use her courage to give myself courage. If she can do this, then I can do this," he told TODAY.

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