Woman Loses Memory, Falls In Love With 'Virtual Stranger'

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Woman Loses Memory, Falls In Love With 'Virtual Stranger'

Jessica Sharman's story may sound like something you'd read in a Nicholas Sparks novel but it is indeed very real.

The 20-year-old British woman was on her way to work when she suffered multiple epileptic seizures that resulted in memory loss. The retrograde amnesia caused her to forget everything including her own name, "I remember boarding the train that day in March, but that's it." Jessica told The Sun. She continued, "I now recall seeing a woman running towards me but I had no idea who she was. She was hugging me and asking if I was OK but I just stared back at her blankly. She kept saying she was my mum."

Jessica with her parentsThe Sun

Jessica's path to recovery hasn't been easy. Everyone around her, including her parents and boyfriend, Rich, seemed like strangers who she had to "meet" all over again. She and Rich had to start over which was very difficult because he was a "virtual stranger" to her.  She even attempted to end the relationship.

Rich, however, was not ready to give up on his girlfriend, so he took care of her, took her to their favorite spots and restaurants and helped her re-learn how to cook, dress and socialize.

"Seeing how passionate he was convinced me that he must care for me, so I agreed to date him but made no promises," said Jessica. Somewhere along the journey, she fell back in love with him. She boasts about how "patient and sweet" Rich has been with her and she "couldn't help but fall for him."

Jessica and RichThe Sun

Doctors told Jessica and her family that it could take upwards of months for her memory to return and there is a 50% chance that she would experience this type of amnesia in the future. Of course, this has been a worry for her but she says "Rich was able to make me fall in love with him twice, so I know he could do it again" and at this moment she is focused on creating new memories.

If this isn't true love then I don't know what is!

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