Woman Raises Her Pet Alligator Like A Child, And Even Paints Her Nails

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Woman Raises Her Pet Alligator Like A Child, And Even Paints Her Nails

We've written before about Rambo, the motorcycle riding alligator that a Florida woman kept as a pet. It seems that alligators are becoming trendy, because Angela Lance from Pensylvania owns her own pet reptile named Lilly.

Unlike most alligators her age, Lilly doesn't like to swim around and eat fish. Instead she spends her time dressing up and even getting her nails done.

Angela admits that Lilly (full name LillyGator) is probably "the most pampered gator in the world," but she's totally in love with her scaly pet.

Angela became interested in owning an alligator after helping to raise a rescued gator that had been neglected. After she had to give that one up, she started looking for a gator of her own.

You may think that Angela's family would be a little worried about her living with a dangerous reptile, but she says they've been very supportive.

Her father will often text her, asking to see some pictures of his "grand-gator," and he loves to show his work friends the cute outfits she picks out for Lilly.

While her boyfriend is a little more concerned, they manage to get along fine.

"He probably thinks I'm a little bit nuts for doing it but he totally understands," she said. "He doesn't want to hold her but he does respect that I have her."

While Angela loves Lilly, she doesn't think anyone should run out and buy a baby gator, saying it requires a lot of time and attention.

Still, it seems like Angela is doing a great job. She says that Lilly won't grow much for a while because she's living in captivity, so these two should have a few more years together before they have to say goodbye.

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