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Woman Sings "Amazing Grace" After Last Chemo Treatment, And It'll Bring Tears To Your Eyes

The song "Amazing Grace" has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It holds different meanings for different people, but everyone can agree that it's a powerful piece of music. It's a song of hope, perseverance, and finding inner peace.

For Jessie Rhye Recny, it's a song of survival.

Recny was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer six months ago, after what she believed was just a change in her body due to pregnancy. The mom had just given birth to her son, and she figured the lump she felt in her breast was just a swollen milk gland.

"I don't want to overreact, I am sure it's nothing," she told her sister-in-law, Amanda Rhye. Unfortunately, it was something.

Recny was required to undergo eight rounds of chemotherapy, but Rhye says Recny stayed strong.

"She has been tough, she hasn't lost her faith and even in the sickest days, she has stayed strong with a smile," Rhye said. "And did I mention she is beautiful bald?!"

After completing eight rounds of chemo, and surgery to remove her tumor, Recny finally got to ring the cancer-free bell. But when she wanted to make it extra special.

After her final treatment, Recny walked over to the cancer bell, which patients ring when their chemotherapy is completed.

"Jessie was overflowing with happiness and cried tears of joy as she quoted the bell quote and rang it 3 loud times for everyone to hear- the sound of hope ringing through the halls," Rhye recalled.

"The nurses begged [Jessie] to sing, but she decided not to and hugged everyone's necks and thanked them for everything they had done for her," Rhye wrote in a post. "Not 5 minutes later, we were walking to the elevator and all of sudden back to the chemo room Jessie went. She had changed her mind(with a little push from the fam) and was going back to sing for her nurses."

Recny began to sing, but was overcome with emotion. She stopped during the song, but found the strength to continue.

"A special moment, a special day and now to turn the page on this chapter," Rhye said.

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