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Woman Denied A Manicure Over Her Lupus Scars

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To be denied a service is an awful feeling, especially in a public setting.

We often hear stories about workers refusing to give service to people who are poorly dressed, homeless, or are acting aggressive toward staff, but rarely does it have to do with someone's health condition.

A California woman claimed that her local nail salon refused to give her a manicure after looking at her hands.

“I’ve Never Felt More Like A Leper Or More Judged."

Jeniffer Dreyer Brown suffers from discoid lupus, an autoimmune disease that becomes more aggravated when skin is exposed to the sun.

Because temperatures have soared this summer, there are more apparent and inflamed scars on her hands.

The 47-year-old woman took to Facebook to detail the incident that left her embarrassed and frustrated.

Brown explained that she went to Happy Nails salon in Laguna Niguel to get a manicure and a pedicure when things took a turn for the worst.

After the worker finished her pedicure, she looked at Brown's hands, which were inflamed, and denied her a manicure service.

Brown claims that the manicurist said she "didn't have time" and that the worker was only willing to "file and polish" her nails.

But Brown continued to ask more questions to get to the bottom of why the worker was treating her this way.

The manicurist allegedly told Brown that "she was sick."

“People judge me because I have lupus and my skin is broken out,” she said in her video, bursting into tears. “I’ve never felt more like a leper or more judged in Orange County.”

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The video has gone viral since it was posted last Friday, and has been viewed more than 100,000 times on Facebook.


Brown told Fox News that she has received "an outpouring of love and support."

"You're not alone out there. My lupus affects my skin too," one Facebook user commented.

"Don’t let them get you down! They was soooo wrong they don’t deserve your business. It must be hard to try and go somewhere else but find a kinder place!" another wrote.

While dozens of people congratulated Brown for her bravery and sympathized with her, others stood by the nail salon's decision for refusing her.

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"Trying to ruin a business because they are following the law. But, you know, you've gone viral (no pun intended), so mission accomplished," someone commented.

You should be ashamed of yourself. They followed the state board of California rules! The tech could loose her license if she worked on you contagious or not. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SLAM A BUSINESS."

"It wasn't discrimination. The salon employees were following the law. Failure to do so would mean loss of license and livelihood. You might even apologize for the false accusation while you're at it. That's what a responsible adult would do."

The Nail Salon May Get Away With This

In the store, there's a sign that reads "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."

And according to attorney Scott Wellman, who is speaking on behalf of the salon, the California Board of Cosmetology’s code states, in part, “No person … shall perform service upon a surface of the skin or scalp where such skin is inflamed, or broken … or where a skin infection or eruption is present.”

Fox News

The statement that was given to Fox News added, “We at Happy Nails feel bad for the customer that presented with Lupus disease. We do not discriminate at Happy Nails. The customer interpreted our inability to work on her nails as discrimination.”

Raising Awareness

Brown told reporters that she will not be returning to the nail salon, and hopes her story will raise more awareness about lupus.

She concluded her video by saying, "You don't know what's going on inside or outside, for that matter."

"I'm sorry I have scars all over my body I can't explain," she added. "I'm allergic to the sun, that's all I can say ... What am I going to do?"

Watch Brown's emotional video below:

So this just happened here in Laguna Niguel... be my friend, don’t get your nails done here... The one day I go out without sleeves on... oh and for the record they never had a problem doing my nails when I had my scars covered. They made up so many excuses and lies. I have never been so publicly humiliated in my life! People who judge suck. You have no idea what other are going through... some hide there pain on the inside.... mine is all over my body. For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Jeniffer Dreyer Brown on Friday, July 6, 2018

What's your take on this case? Was the nail salon in the right to refuse Brown a manicure?

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