Woman Who Owns The "Scariest Cat On The Internet" Says "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover"

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Woman Who Owns The "Scariest Cat On The Internet" Says "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover"

Life hasn't been easy for Raspberry Kittay, who has been called the "scariest cat on the internet."

She was born with an underbite that combines with her shocking yellow eyes to make her look like a feline version of Dracula. This may be why she was abandoned by her original owner.

Found wandering the streets, this poor creature was filthy and weighed just 4 pounds when she was finally rescued. While other people call her "ugly" and "scary," Jessica Saldan fell in love the moment she saw her.


The school nurse from New Jersey adores her strange-looking pet, and calls her the "daughter" she never had (Saldan has 3 sons).

Against all odds this cat has even found fans online, where more than 50,000 people follow her on Instagram.


Saldan shared one photo of Raspberry on a whim, and now the cat has admirers around the world who finally appreciate her.

Raspberry was even asked to take pictures when she had to go to the local animal hospital. It turned out all the nurses there are big fans of her.

Saldan says that her cat has been a "classic example" for her boys that you should never judge a book by its cover. People still write nasty things about Raspberry online, but Saldan knows just how to deal with them.

"We get far more nice comments than mean ones," she told the Daily Mail. "I sometimes try and reply, but mostly I don't have the time and I don't care."

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