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Are Women Who Have Muscular Bodies More Attractive Than Ones With Slimmer Physiques?

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While we often associate a muscular physique with men, women with athletic bodies have begun showing off their gains in full force.

According to the Daily Mirror, a study shows when people rated the body types they deemed most attractive, the muscular build came out on top.

Researchers from the University of Missouri-Kansas City referenced Miss USA Competition, where the contestants are primarily judged on their appearance.

They analyzed photos of the 1999 to 2013 winners in their bikinis, in which it was discovered the title-holders have increasingly become more muscular.

The team conducted a follow-up study, where they investigated on whether the "ideal" female figure of exceptional thinness has become altered to include women with muscle tone.

Two pictures depicting 14 women were shown to 64 students, where they had to pick which image they preferred. The images were identical, with the exception of one photo having the body's muscular definition digitally cut out.

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