World's Most Mysterious Cats Caught On Camera

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World's Most Mysterious Cats Caught On Camera

As a whole, researchers have a pretty good grasp on cats as a species.

Breeding patterns, coloring patterns, why they make certain noises, it's all documented in some form or another.

But there's one species that has evaded scientists for its entire existence, with the only information coming from the study of a single female cat.

Meet: Marbled Cats.

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, these cats are rarely spotted and are one of the few cat species that live in trees. They have feet that can turn backwards to make them more agile when they're up high. They also use their large, bushy tails to help balance.

R. Pandit

Recently, a Marbled Cat was captured on video in Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve of Yunnan Province (southwest of China.)

The species is considered vulnerable, and due to forest loss they are starting to dwindle. However, the exact reasons are still unknown.

"Very little is known of marbled cats or the threats to their continued existence," says Jim Sanderson, a small-cat expert with the Global Wildlife Conservation in Texas.

Though they are a mysterious species, Marbled Cats are still...well...cats.

"As with many cats, including the big cats, this video shows the male marbled cat marking his territory by spraying urine onto nearby vegetation," Sanderson says.


Survey data suggests there are more than 10,000 of these Marbled Cats in the world.

Hopefully we see more of them in the future so we can help conserve the species!

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