World's Most Spoiled Hamster Lives In Her Own Tiny Mansion

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World's Most Spoiled Hamster Lives In Her Own Tiny Mansion

There's a hot piece of property making headlines in Manchester, England. It's a two-story wood home, fully furnished with great accents like a grandfather clock and a huge soaking tub.

There's a living room, dining room, and even a master bedroom with a balcony. The only downside is this home doesn't have much floor space, since it's less than two feet tall.

That may not be very big for us, but it's just the right size for Cheese, the dwarf hamster who lives in this gorgeous dollhouse.

Cheese's owner, Tiffany Zhang, says her pet is a very responsible homeowner who helps tidy up her private mansion.

"She cleans her own bedroom regularly by throwing out everything she doesn't want in there," she tells the Mirror, "mainly her own poops."

Zhang bought the dollhouse from a craft store but had to shop online and visit toy stores in Japan to find nice furniture in Ham's size.

It may seem like a waste of money to buy your pet their own house, but Zhang says Cheese appreciates it. She sleeps in her own tiny bed and spends time in the house when Zhang is at work.

In fact, Cheese is so domesticated that she even munches on salad from little bowl and eats yogurt using a tiny spoon.

The truth is we would all buy a mansion for our pets if we could afford it. Zhang is just lucky that a home Cheese's size is so affordable. Maybe she could build a hamster-sized swimming pool in the backyard to really raise the property value.

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