She Lived Until 117 And Her Diet Could Be Your Secret To Long Life


She Lived Until 117 And Her Diet Could Be Your Secret To Long Life


Born November 29, 1899 in the Piedmon region of Italy, Emma Morano, was the longest living person and the last person with a birth year before 1900.  

Emma passed away at her home last week in the northern city of Verbania.

She attributed her long life to her genetics and a diet of 3 eggs a day, 2 of them raw. She was the eldest of 8 siblings all of whom she outlived.

Not only did her life span 3 centuries, but she also survived an abusive marriage, the death of her only son, 2 World Wars, and more than 90 Italian governments.

Emma's mother lived to the age of 91 and several of her sisters reached their 100th birthday.

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She took up her usual diet of 3 eggs a day- two of which were uncooked, after a doctor diagnosed her with anemia shortly after World War One. Her doctor of 27 years Carlo Bava, said that she rarely ate fruit or vegetables.

"When I met her, she ate three eggs per day, two raw in the morning and then an omelette at noon, and chicken at dinner."

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In 1938, she made the decision to kick out her abusive husband a year after her baby boy died at just 6 months old. Emma said that the marriage was unhealthy and that she had been in love with a boy who was killed during World War One, so she had no interest in marrying someone else.

In spite of being separated in 1938, the couple remained married until he died in 1978.

Emma chose to work until she was 75, though she had not left her her two-room apartment for 20 years.

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According to the US-based Gerontogology Research Group, the world's oldest registered human is now Violet Brown from Jamaica who was born on March 10, 1900.

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