Would You Let Your Child Travel Like This?

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Would You Let Your Child Travel Like This?

Travelling on an airplane with a baby is not really the most fun thing you can do. There is a lot going on, and when they get upset, the noise seems extra loud in the enclosed space.

Airplane travel used to be thought of as such a glamorous experience, so how did they keep their babies comfortable and quiet? Well, it turns out they stuck them in the overhead compartments!

They weren't really like our overhead compartments now with the closing doors, but they had little cradles called 'skycots' that would attach to the side and the baby would just hang above their mom's and dad's heads.

Parents would hold the baby during take-off and landing, but otherwise they could nap their trip away in their little beds. Where do I get one?

There is this nostalgia surrounding the way people used to travel in planes, but the glamorous reputation might be a bit of a sham. Planes were noisy and there was always a lot of turbulence. Not to mention the fact that it always smelled like cigarettes because they let people smoke in the air.

Feels almost like an entirely different world doesn't it?